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Where did they keep slaves around 1823?

In 1823, slaves were being kept in Jamaica, British Guiana,Barbados, Trinidad, Brazil, the American colonies, as well aselsewhere. Although, Britain was against the slave trad (MORE)

What happened in 1823?

Pope Leo XII succeeded Pope Pius VII. The USA government forbade any further colonisation of America by European countries. William Webb Ellis was reputed to have picked (MORE)

Was there a war during 1823?

yes there was a war during 1823. although it wasn't a full out battle, we did lose money. the u.s. and Britain and other countries had a feud over the industry and Britain's s (MORE)
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What is the 1823 gaol act?

"In the Gaol Act of 1823 provisions were made for greater cleanliness and sanitation in the prisons of England; it was also recommended that the prison authorities regularly e (MORE)

1823 half dollar?

The value depends on the condition (grade) of the coin, most 1823 Capped Bust, Lettered Edge half dollars show a lot of wear, also for this year 4 major varieties exist. A cir (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1823?

Joseph Hiester (born November 18, 1752 in Bern Township, Pennsylvania; died June 10, 1832 in Reading, Pennsylvania) succeeded William Findlay as the fifth Governor of Pennsylv (MORE)