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Who were the four candidates in the election of 1824?

Andrew Jackson of Tennessee. John Q. Adams Of Massachusetts. William H. Crawford of Georgia. Henry Clay of Kentucky.
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Who won the election of 1824?

John Quincy Adams eventually won the 1824 election, but Jackson won  the popular vote. The election was actually decided in 1825 by the  House of Representatives because nob (MORE)

Who was elected president in 1824?

The election of 1824 did not produce a winner since the electoral votes were split among four candidates so nobody won a majority in 1824. Therefore , as required by the US Co (MORE)
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What was the corrupt bargain in the election of 1824?

It was initially thought to be corrupt, because when no candidate had a majority of the electoral votes, the decision then rested with the House of Representatives where some (MORE)

Who was the president in 1824?

This depends on the country/organization you are asking about. Please re-ask your question or see related questions. Mexico: Guadeloupe Victoria United States: James Monroe (MORE)

How was the election of 1824 resolved?

Andrew Jackson was declared the winner of the 1824 election despite receiving only 99 electoral votes. As a result congress passed a constitutional amendment requiring that a (MORE)

Why was the election of 1824 disputed?

The electoral college at the time was small compared to today's.  The number of electoral votes needed for any running candidate to  win was 131 votes. Andrew Jackson won bo (MORE)

What was different about the election of 1824?

At the election of 1824, there were four presidential candidates: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and John C. Calhoun. When the results was tallied, none of the (MORE)