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Who was the president in 1824?

This depends on the country/organization you are asking about. Please re-ask your question or see related questions. Mexico: Guadeloupe Victoria United States: James Mon (MORE)

Why was the election of 1824 disputed?

The electoral college at the time was small compared to today's.The number of electoral votes needed for any running candidate towin was 131 votes. Andrew Jackson won both the (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Virginia in 1824?

James Pleasants (born October 24, 1769 in Powhatan County, Virginia; died November 9, 1836 in Goochland County, Virginia) succeeded Thomas Mann Randolph as the twenty-second G (MORE)

Who was the Governor of New Jersey in 1824?

Isaac Halstead Williamson (born September 27, 1767 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey; died July 10, 1844 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey) succeeded Mahlon Dickerson as the eighth Gove (MORE)