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Who was the president in 1825?

This depends on the country/organization you are asking about. Please re-ask your question or see related questions. United States: James Monroe until March 4, replaced b (MORE)

Is there an 1825 nickel?

I am not aware of such a coin. The Draped Bust Half Dime was minted from 1796 - 1797; the Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half Dime was minted from 1800 - 1805; the Capped Bust (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Virginia in 1825?

James Pleasants (born October 24, 1769 in Powhatan County, Virginia; died November 9, 1836 in Goochland County, Virginia) succeeded Thomas Mann Randolph as the twenty-second G (MORE)

Was there cars in 1825?

No. A few tractors maybe like the Cugnot steam tractor that was built in 1769.. Cars didn't show up until later in the 1800's.