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What sport was invented in 1829?

Answer . Maybe this is what you need?\nThe Boat Race (between England's Oxford and Cambridge universities), was first held in 1829.
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What was invented in 1829?

Thousands of things are invented EVERY year. You will need to be more specific. Sorry-
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Who discovered the River Murray in 1829?

Charles Sturt is credited with naming the Murray River in 1829, buthe was not the first European to sight the river. The firstEuropeans to discover the river were explorers H (MORE)

What is the value of an 1829 buffalo nickel?

Please take another look at your coin. The first nickels wereminted in 1866. Buffalo nickels were minted from 1913 to 1938.
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Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1829?

John Murphy (born 1786 in Columbia, North Carolina; died September 21, 1841 in Clarke Coty, Alabama) succeeded Israel Pickens as the fourth Governor of Alabama, serving betwee (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Tennessee in 1829?

Sam Houston (born March 2, 1793 in Rockbridge County, Virginia; died July 26, 1863 in Huntsville, Texas) succeeded William Carroll as the seventh Governor of Tennessee, servin (MORE)