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1835 half dollar?

The Capped-Bust, Lettered Edge 1835 is higher mintage coin of this series. Coins in average circulated grades are $60.00-$170.00 depending on the grade of the coin.

Who was the president in 1835?

This depends on the country/organization you are asking about. Please re-ask your question or see related questions. United States: Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson was t (MORE)

What is the value of an 1835 British Halfpenny?

The Royal Mint produced no Halfpenny coins from 1835 to 1836 inclusive. Due to Britains ongoing expenses with various wars in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, there w (MORE)

Who was british prime minister 1835?

At the beginning of the year it was Robert Peel, who was only in office for 4 months until his resignation on 8th April due to being unable to form a Government (however, he w (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1835?

George Wolf (born August 12, 1777 in Allen Township, Pennsylvania; died March 11, 1840 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) succeeded John Andrew Schultz as the seventh Governor of (MORE)

Was there electricity in 1835?

Yes. It has always existed in nature. But at that time, it was still being experimented with in Physics laboratories, and the methods of generating it, taking it where you (MORE)