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What was the 1837 panic?

The early 1830s was a time of expansion and prosperity. Much of the growth in these years had been fueled by the widespread construction of new railroads and canals. Millions (MORE)

What was the Panic of 1837?

The panic of 1837 happened because speculators began to buy land by borrowing huge amounts of money.The bank of the United States was eliminated and state banks began to print (MORE)

What inventions were there in 1837?

The (electric) telegraph was more or less invented in 1837 by Cookeand Wheatstone in England. It was 1838 that Samuel Morse firstdemonstrated his telegraph.

What is the value of a 1837 large penny?

Older copper coins of this type need to be seen for the best idea of value because per grade the prices increase from $21.00 to $240.00 depending on the grade of the coin. Tak (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1837?

Clement C. Clay (born December 17, 1789 in Halifax County, Virginia; died September 7, 1866 in Huntsville, Alabama) succeeded John Gayle as the eighth Governor of Alabama, ser (MORE)