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What was invented in 1842?

The first facsimile system was invented in 1842 by a man namedAlexander Bain. It wasn't very successful because it was tooexpensive and difficult to operate.
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Who was the president in 1842?

This depends on the country/organization you are asking about. Please re-ask your question or see related questions. United States: John Tyler was the President of the U (MORE)
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What were the health conditions of London in 1842?

The public suffered severely from epidemics that included three massive contagious diseases: cholera, typhus and influenza. These infectious diseases were often fatal or left (MORE)
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What is the value of an 1842 British Groat?

A British 1842 sterling silver Groat (Fourpence)(Victoria), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £135 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in g (MORE)
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Who was the Governor of Virginia in 1842?

John Rutherford (born December 8, 1792 in Richmond, Virginia; died August 3, 1866) succeeded John M. Patton as Caretaker Governor of Virginia, serving between March 31, 1841 a (MORE)
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Who was the Governor of Maryland in 1842?

William Grason (born March 11, 1788 in Queen Anne's County, Maryland; died July 2, 1868 in Queen Anne's County, Maryland) succeeded Thomas W. Veazey as the twenty-fifth Govern (MORE)
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Who was the Governor of Illinois in 1842?

Thomas Carlin (born July 18, 1789 in Frankfort, Kentucky; died February 14, 1852 in Carrollton, Illinois) became the seventh Governor of Illinois, serving between December 7, (MORE)
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Who was the Governor of Michigan in 1842?

J. Wright Gordon (born 1809 in Plainfield, Connecticut; died December 1853 in Pernambuco, Brazil) succeeded William Woodbridge as the third Governor of Michigan, serving betwe (MORE)
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What is the value of an 1842 US quarter?

Look on the back of the coin to see if there's a small mint markletter below the eagle. It may be blank or there may be an O. Numismedia lists the following approximate retai (MORE)
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What is the gfc for 1842?

The answer depends on what you mean by gfc. If you meant GCF, it is not possible to give a sensible answer to this question. The greatest common factor (GCF) refers to a fac (MORE)