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What is the comprimise of 1850?

The comprimise of 1850 is when Mr. Henry Clay comes back into action from our whole counrty falling apart. It was an intricate package of five bills, passed on September 4, 18 (MORE)
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Religion in 1850s?

Both sides in the slavery debate used religion as part of their propaganda, and put pressure on church ministers to preach it. The North declared that slavery was an abominat (MORE)
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What was invented in 1850?

The short answer must be: Several things. Mid 19th century a great time for inventions.
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How is transportation in the 1850s?

well right before the 1850s trains were made, but the trains were really unsafe, deaths were crazy, too skinny tunnels bridges collapsing and head-on crashes. And before that (MORE)
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Was there radio's in the 1850s?

No. The first experimental "signal" hadn't yet been detected across a Physics laboratory at that time. Marconi demonstrated the first practical radio signaling system in (MORE)
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Who were the presidents in the 1850s?

Zachary Taylor (March, 1849 - July, 1850) Millard Fillmore (July, 1850 - March, 1853) Franklin Pierce (March, 1853 - March, 1857) James Buchanan (March, 1857 - March, 18 (MORE)
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What did a teacher do in 1850?

The 1850s was very different than today's classrooms. ALL grades and ALL ages shared ONE classroom, often called "One Room Schoolhouses". That means teachers pre-1900 had to (MORE)
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Was there TV in the 1850s?

There was no TV in the 1850s. TV could not be invented until Thomas Edison discovered the Edison Effect in physics which made triodes and modern electronics possible.
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What is the law of 1850?

This law would require police in the free states to help capture slaves escaping from slave states
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Was there knitting in the 1850s?

Yes, there was knitting in the 1850's. Knitting is one of theoldest of the 'women's work' fiber skills. Today, we have evidenceof knitted socks from Egypt, from the 11th centu (MORE)