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Value of a 1857 half dollar?

4-8-11>> Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, the 1857 Liberty Seated Half dollar is a fairly common date coin. For an accurate assessment of value the coin ne (MORE)

Reasons for the failure of the revolt of 1857 1857?

The Indian Mutiny of 1857 failed for a number of reasons. First of  all, only a limited number of Indian states joined the rebellion,  while a much larger number of states r (MORE)

Name of leaders of the revolt in 1857?

It will help you . If there are more sorry I know these  only.     Meerut : Bakht Khan  Bareilly : Khan Bahadur Khan  Lucknow : Begum Hazrut Mahal  Delhi : Bahadu (MORE)

What was invented in 1857?

In 1857 Joseph Gayetty of NYC invented tissue paper out of hemp. Pre moistened with aloe, the flat sheets were called "Gayetty's Mediciated Paper" believed to be the first toi (MORE)

Revolt of 1857?

The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was Indiaâ??s first war of  independence. The rebellion began as a mutiny of the East India  Companyâ??s army then escalated into other hostil (MORE)

What triggered the 1857 revolt?

When the Britishers got very tyrant and ruthless in looting the country and doing unjust actions there arose a reaction amongst the people. Even the religious and spiritual pe (MORE)

Main events of revolt of 1857?

Events at Meerut;   On 6th May, 1857 A.D. when the new cartridges were issued to 90 Indian soldiers in Meerut, 85 of them refused to bite them with their teeth,These 85 so (MORE)