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What was the lifestyle in the 1860s?

Alfred Nobel creates dynamite in Germany . James Clerk Maxwell publishes his equations that quantify the relationship between electricity and magnetism, and shows tha (MORE)

Election of 1860?

The presidential election this year was one of the most provoked one that we have had so far. The nation is still very shaken up about the slavery divisions. As you know the S (MORE)

What did they play in 1860s?

Well, the 1860's didn't have alot of Tech stuff but there was a few games. Most of them were in Arcade's.Really the only games they had were racing games they had pong & were (MORE)

Who the election of 1860?

John F. Kennedy won the 1960 presidential election defeatingRichard Nixon. In the 1960 presidential election John F. Kennedyreceived 303 electoral votes, Richard Nixon receive (MORE)