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What happened in 1861?

In 1861 the civil war started in America. A list of other important events throughout the year appears below: January · Mississippi spits from the Union. · Flori (MORE)
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What sports were played in 1861?

There were many different sports played in the 1650's like crcket There were many different sports played in the 1650's like crcket

Who was the president in 1861?

This depends on the country. See related questions or re-ask your question specifying the country. United States: James Buchanan , replaced by Abraham Lincoln on March 4. (MORE)

Who was elected in 1861?

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the UnitedStates. Lincoln served until his assassination on April 15, 1865.

Are there cars in 1861?

Yes. The first vehicle to move under its own power for which there is a record was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot and constructed by M. Brezin in 1769. http://www.ausbcom (MORE)

What is the value of an 1861 British Shilling?

A British 1861 sterling silver Shilling (QV), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £400 GBP - it's a very rare date and rates as [R] in the English (MORE)

Serfs in 1861?

Answer No. Not in Europe and 1861 was well past the middle ages. In the United States there were still slaves so in a sense there were still serfs. Answer The serfs of the (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1861?

Andrew B. Moore (born March 7, 1807 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina; died April 5, 1873 in Marion, Perry County, Alabama) succeeded John A. Winston as the sixteenth Gove (MORE)

What is 1861-1865 from?

The American Civil War occurred during this time period (1861-1865). It was a time of violence and stupidity. Generals of the North were unable to completely bring the Confe (MORE)
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Was there aspirin in 1861?

Old herbal remedies (eg from willow bark) that contained salicylicacid have been used since ancient times. However Aspirin(acetylsalicylic acid) was first made in 1853. So, YE (MORE)