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What is the value of an 1862 British Halfpenny?

A British 1862 bronze Halfpenny (Victoria), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £150 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, i (MORE)
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What happened in 1862?

In 1862 ... . President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all slaves in the Confederacy henceforth and forever free. Though this has no immedi (MORE)

Who died in 1862?

Albert, Prince Consort He died at the early age of 42, plunging the Queen into a deep mourning which lasted for the rest of her life. queen Victoria was his wife. together th (MORE)

What historical events happened in 1862?

The world's first naval battle fought by iron-side ships occurred in 1862 when the Monitor and the Merrimack squared off in the Battle of Hampton Roads during America's Civil (MORE)
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How many provinces were in Canada in 1862?

Canada did not come into being as a country until 1867. From 1841 to 1867 there was a colony named Canada, which included the area of the former colonies of Upper Canada and (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1862?

John Gill Shorter (born April 3, 1818 in Monticello, Jasper County, Georgia; died May 29, 1872 in Eufaula, Alabama) succeeded Andrew B. Moore as the seventeenth Governor of Al (MORE)