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How did American Society change in 1865?

Answer . \n. \n. \nHow the objects changed society [: Telephone\n. \nPeople had to rely on mail, which often took weeks, months or even a year depending on where they l (MORE)
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Why was there no moon in 1865?

Answer . I'm not sure where you came up with that question but the moon has been there for at least a couple billion years.
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What is the 1865 yielder?

Gen Robert E lee was the yielder in the battle of Appomattox, surrendering to Ulysis Grant.
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Were there cars in 1865?

The first self-propelled car was a steam powered vehicle built in 1769, by Nicolas Cugnot, a French military engineer In 1807 Issac De Rivas of Switzerland built the first car (MORE)
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What battles were in the 1865?

1865 was the final year of the American Civil War. Most Importantly the battle of Appomattox and Lee's surrender at the courthouse ended the war. Also fought during this year (MORE)
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What happened in April 9 1865?

Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant in the civil war. Answered by. Tyler Depriest and Timothy Tate of Wynnewood, Oklahoma
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Who was the Governor of Arkansas in 1865?

Isaac Murphy (born October 16, 1799 or 1802 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; died September 8, 1882 in Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas) succeeded Harris Flanagan as the eight (MORE)
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Was there tv in 1865?

No. Television was invented in the mid 1920s with John Logie Baird's Televisor and launched as a public service by the BBC in 1929. However, its development was delayed by Wo (MORE)
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What is 1861-1865 from?

The American Civil War occurred during this time period (1861-1865). It was a time of violence and stupidity. Generals of the North were unable to completely bring the Confe (MORE)
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Is 1865 a noun?

Yes, 1865 is a number and a noun (eighteen sixty five or onethousand, eight hundred, sixty five). The noun '1865' is a word for a year (a noun) or an amount (anoun).