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What was happening in 1869?

In 1869 Mark Twain's first book The Innocents Abroad is published.Jesse James robs the bank that made him famous. The name of thebank was the Davies County Savings Association (MORE)

Who was the president in 1869?

This depends on the country. See related questions or re-ask yourquestion specifying the country. United States: Andrew Johnson was the President of the UnitedStates at the s (MORE)
In Nevada

Who was the Governor of Nevada in 1869?

Henry G. Blasdel (born January 29, 1825 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana; died July 22, 1900 in Oakland, California) succeeded James W. Nye as the first Governor of Nevada, serving be (MORE)

Who was the Governor of West Virginia in 1869?

Arthur I. Boreman (born July 24, 1823 in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; died April 19, 1896 in Parkersburg, West Virginia), the first Governor of West Virginia, served between June (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1869?

John W. Geary (born December 30, 1819 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; died February 8, 1873 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) succeeded Andrew Gregg Curtin as the sixteenth G (MORE)

Who was the Governor of New Jersey in 1869?

Marcus Lawrence Ward (born November 9, 1812 in Newark, New Jersey; died April 25, 1884 in Newark, New Jersey) succeeded Joel Parker as the twenty-first Governor of New Jersey, (MORE)