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Who was the president in 1872?

This depends on the country. See related questions or re-ask your question specifying the country. United States: Ulysses S. Grant. The 18th President of the United Stat (MORE)

What did a bedroom look like in 1872?

Aside from a bed, the room would have a table or stand for an oil lamp or candles, a chest or a chest of drawers, possibly a wardrobe for the richer people. Mirrors were expen (MORE)
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What is the compromise of 1872?

when the south became even worst than slavery. at this time black were legal citizens of the u.s but the white suppress them

Who patented the fire extinguisher in 1872?

The portable fire extinguisher was not invented or patented in 1872. In 1813, British army captain George Manby created the first known portable fire extinguisher: a two-fo (MORE)
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Who was the Governor of Nevada in 1872?

Lewis R. Bradley (born February 15, 1805 in Orange County, Virginia; died March 21, 1879 in Elko, Nevada) succeeded Henry G. Blasdel as the second Governor of Nevada, serving (MORE)

How do you round 1872?

How you round it would be like this. 1872 would round to 1900 cause 8/7 are a big number so 1900 would be right! If a number is greater than 4 than you can round up!