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1878 one dollar coin?

1878 was the first year of issue for this coin. Of the 5 types of 1878 Morgan Dollars the values for the coins are about the same for circulated examples $39.00-$55.00 dependi (MORE)

1878 E Pluribus Unum?

The national motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is on most all US coins dated 1878 and all the coins in your pocket, post a new question with a denomination.
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Who was the president in 1878?

This depends on the country/organization. See related questions.      US:  Rutherford Birchard Hayes.    Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th President of the Unit (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1878?

George S. Houston (bon January 17, 1811 in Franklin, Tennessee; died December 31, 1879 in Athens, Alabama) succeeded David P. Lewis as the twenty-fourth Governor of Alabama, s (MORE)

Who was the Governor of Wisconsin in 1878?

Harrison Ludington (born July 30, 1812 in Dutchess County, New York; died June 17, 1891) succeeded William Robert Taylor as the thirteenth Governor of Wisconsin, serving betwe (MORE)

What is value of a 1878 gold coin?

The United States Mint issued 6 different denominations of gold coins in 1878, One Dollar, Quarter Eagle ($2.50), Three Dollars, Half Eagle ($5), Eagle ($10), and Double Eagle (MORE)