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Wages in 1912?

In 1912, the average annual wage for a public school teacher was$507. Railroad employees made about $662 per year, and lumberworkers made around $530 per year. The annual inco (MORE)

What was 1912 like?

1912 was like they had no roads they did not have highways til 1916 they had dirt roads they drove carraiges well the horses did. They wore pilgram and top hats they got whipp (MORE)
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History of 1912?

China becomes a republic , Sun Yat-sen becomes President. The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage (in April) Christian X becomes King od Denmark after Frederick VIII's death (MORE)

Inventions in 1912?

There were seven major inventions that took place in 1912. Theywere as follows: the zipper, the electric blanket, slot cars,Belgian chocolates, the traffic light, and the pent (MORE)
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What was popular in 1912?

Women's fashion was generally very fancy, and did not expose a lotof skin, in 1912. Colors used would have been dainty, delicatepastels on long dresses with tight waists.
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What was fashion in 1912?

For the fashionable ladies, this was a time of ankle-length skirts, parasols, and large broad-brimmed hats. Women also tended to wear a stiff girdle underneath. This meant tha (MORE)