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What happened in the 1920s?

The Great Depression started the reason the great depression started because the bank was paralyzed and the people had no money to buy food and water. That is why it was calle (MORE)

What were the problems in the 1920s?

One problem in the 1920s was prohibition. It was the 18th Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the manufacturing, sale, adn transportation of alcohol. Many people-especia (MORE)
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Who were the gangsters in the 1920?

There were many different gangsters in the 1920's. At the time, most of them were bootleggers, producing and selling alcohol illegally. They also were in the rackets of illega (MORE)
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Who are the 1920s actors?

Charlie Chaplin, Jobyna Ralston, Brigitte Helm, Emil Jannings, Marie Mosquini, Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Maly Delschaft, Conrad Veidt, Harold Lloyd, Georg John, J (MORE)

What is bootlegging in 1920?

Bootlegging was the unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages. You might smuggle a flat whiskey bottle in the top of your boots- bootlegging.
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