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When do the non summer and summer Olympics come?

   Summer Olympics: Come every 4 years. They do summer sports and all year round sports but not winter ('snowy and icy') sports. Here are the years and venues of recent (MORE)

When is summer Olympics?

The summer Olympics occur every four years. The most recent summer Olympics occurred in 2008, so the next summer Olympics will be in 2012. The 2012 Summer Olympics are schedul (MORE)

Where were the 1924 Olympics held?

The 1924 Winter Olympics were hosted by Chamonix, France and the 1924 Summer Olympics were hosted by Paris, France.
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Why was tennis banned from the Olympics in 1924?

Following the 1924 Olympics, after 28 years of Olympic tennis, the International Olympics Commitee (IOC) and the International Tennis Federation came into conflict over the pa (MORE)

Why do you have summer Olympics?

We have do have the Summer Olympics because during summer there are  certain activities that are best suited to be held then. The other  reason is that it gives certain coun (MORE)

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