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What did they wear in 1948?

Clothes, mostly. Men word trousers, shirts and suit jackets, over jockey shorts or briefs. Women wore skirts and dresses, with blouses. (At least in 'western' culture).\nIn we (MORE)

What were the headlines in 1948?

One of the headlines was when Prince Charles was born. He was bornon the 14th November. Another headline was about the 1948 WinterOlympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
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What did they bake in 1948?

Cakes, Pies, cookies, casseroles, roasts. They didn't have frozen food so there weren't any TV dinners or pizzas.

Was computers in 1948?

Yes there were computers in 1948. They were different than the types we have today, being much larger but less powerful and not being able to do the types of things they do (MORE)
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Movies in 1948?

Here's a quick list of a few notable films from 1948:. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre . Key Largo . Red River . Rope . Hamlet . The Bicycle Thief . Oliver Twist . Ma (MORE)
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What toys did they have in 1948?

Some popular toys were tricycles, wagons, toy trucks and cars, dolls, doll houses, hobby horses, various miniature playsets with rubber or plastic people and animals and metal (MORE)