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What was the salaries in the 1950s?

1950 - USA average annual salary $2992 - when dollars were $4 to £1 1955 - 60% of Americans were in the "middle class," having incomes between $3,000 and $10,000 per year 19 (MORE)

Inventions in 1950?

The biggest invention in 1950 was the credit card. The first credit  card was introduced by Diner's Club in 1950. Other inventions  during the 1950s include super glue, diet (MORE)
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Music in 1950?

There were several types of music genres in the 1950's. There was  jazz, big band, rock and roll, and country.

Music of the 1950s?

Music of the 1950s was fun and upbeat. There were love songs as  well that were perfect for school dances and romantic dates.

How was economy in 1950s?

Europe was still picking up from the Second World War but on its way to recovery. However, the United States was near its peak in world economic dominance. The 50s is often co (MORE)

Was there television in 1950?

Yes, and some very good programming, too. Television first became available to view in New York in 1939.
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Were there phones in the 1950s?

Yes and that is about the time they started promising TV phones were coming soon. You could talk and see the person you were talking to at the time same . The said they would (MORE)

What did teens in the 1950s do?

Drive    The word teenager wasn't invented until 1958, but it is my opinion  that young people did start doing their own thing around 1952. For  a date I'm pretty sur (MORE)

What were the slang from the 1950s?

Oh, but there is so much. Asking this question is like asking about the slang from now and expecting to get a four word answer. And even in the 50s, even without the internet (MORE)