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In 1960 what did they do for entertainment?

they did what we do today just without technology and they were a lot fitter and could play games in the street without getting hit by a car
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Who was an athlete in the 1960s?

Hall of Fame baseball players Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, Harmon Killebrew, Ernie Banks.
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What was the 1960s fashion?

The 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. It was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the period. In the middle of the decade, c (MORE)
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Where were the Olympics in 1960?

The 1960 Winter Olympics were held in Squaw Valley, USA and the 1960 Summer Olympics were held in Rome, Italy..
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What did they do in the 1960?

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is Released. Brazil's Capital Moves to New City. Presidential Debates are televised . Lasers are Invented
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What are the factors of 1960?

The factors of 1,960 are: 1 2 4 5 7 8 10 14 20 28 35 40 49 56 70 98 140 196 245 280 392 490 980 1,960
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Did they have cars in 1960?

Yes they have had cars available since the 1890's, but most cars were not available to the average consumer until the model t ford made.
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Why was there suicide in the 1960s?

There were suicides in the 1960s for the same reasons there aresuicides today: people becoming depressed and giving up, teensbreaking up with their boyfriends or girlfriends a (MORE)
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What were music of the 1960?

The Beatles The Guess Who Neil Diamond Stevie Wonder Pink Floyd Simon & Garfunkel Johnny Cash Led Zepplin Elvis Presley Jimi Hendrix Bob DYlan The Rolling Stones Hope this he (MORE)
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How do you spell 1960?

The numeral 1960 is "one thousand nine hundred (and) sixty." The calendar year 1960 is spoken as "nineteen sixty."