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What happened in the 1960?

Many European colonies gained their independence (Togo, Cameroun, Congo, Somalia, etc.) France tested its first atom bomb. Fidel Casrto signed an agreement with the Soviet lea (MORE)

Who was in the mafia in the 1960s?

In the 1960's in the USA, the so called Mafia or better now known as la Cosa Nostra, was still a viable law enforcement problem. Its key members were still, as in the past peo (MORE)

When was rakshabandhan in 1960?

The Hindu holiday Raksha Bandhan took place on August 7, 1960. The  Saka date is 16/5/1882 and the Tamil date is 23/4/1960.
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Did they have Cameras in the 1960s?

  Of course, all of the present types except digital, not yet invented. this included: Polaroid, Instamatic (l963-85), 35MM single lens reflex, 35mm rangefinder, Press and (MORE)