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Who was the president in 1961?

This depends on the country or organization. See related questionsor re-ask your question. US: Dwight David Eisenhower replaced by John FitzgeraldKennedy on January 20. (MORE)

What was the Fashions of the 1961?

i do not know, but i have asked the same question. it is still a mystery to me, so, good luck to you! I've also tried looking on Google images, and other websites you could tr (MORE)

What were the conflicts in 1961?

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What happen in 1961?

It was one of the few years where, if you invert 1961 it reads the same. Other than that many things happened as any decent history book will reveal.

What did The Beatles do in 1961?

Ringo joined the band in 1962, so before that, Paul,John, and George played with Pete Best as the drummer before Ringo. The screaming fans and Beatlemania and whatnot actually (MORE)

What was it like in 1961?

There were no cell phones, electronic games or home computers-- no desktops, no laptops. Most calculators were mechanical and you had to pull a lever down to get your answer. (MORE)

When was dst in 1961?

That depends on the location... Azores -- Apr 2 @ 2 AM AZOT to Oct 1 @ 3 AM AZOST Canada -- . part of NL -- Apr 30 @ 2 AM NST to Oct 29 @ 2 AM NDT . New Brunswick -- Apr (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in 1961 Cotton Bowl - 1961?

The cast of 1961 Cotton Bowl - 1961 includes: Lance Alworth as Himself - Arkansas Razorbacks Running Back Terry Brennan as Himself - Color Commentator Frank Broyles as Himself (MORE)