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About 1963 computers?

I had a look around and this is the only computer a found made in 1963. Follow the Link.
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Who was the president in 1963?

This depends on the country or organization. See related questions. US: John Fitzgerald Kennedy until November 22, replaced by Lyndon Baines Johnson. John F. Kennedy wa (MORE)

How was the economy in 1963?

The economy in the United States was relatively stable in the early 1960's because of the legislation passed after John F. Kennedy was assinated. Our National GDP was ranked n (MORE)

What did The Beatles do in 1963?

They came to America. Sorry. The Beatles came to the US in February, 1964. Therefore, they spent most of 1963 touring the UK, Scandanavia, etc, while recording such records (MORE)

How do you spell out 1963?

As a year: nineteen sixty three. As a number: one thousand, nine hundred and sixty three.
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WHAT IS RA 1963?

An RA number is typically used to show a return was authorized and used by some companies. (Return Authorization)
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