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Who was the president in 1964?

This depends on the country or organization. See related questions. US: Lyndon Baines Johnson The 36th President of the United States was Lyndon B. Johnson from November (MORE)

Where was the 1964 Olympics?

The IX Olympic Winter Games took place in Innsbruck, Austria inearly 1964. The 1964 Summer Olympics (Games of the XVIII Olympiad)took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Inventions after 1964?

COMPUTER MOUSE (1964) . INTERNET (1973) . MICROSOFT (1975) . CDs (1980) . Post it Notes (1980) . The Space Shuttle (1981) . The V-Chip (1995) . DVDs (1995)

What was invented in 1964?

the smiley face by Harvey ross ball invented for a client, and insurancy company. information from (:

What was popular in 1964?

In 1964, while America was at war in Vietnam, the Beatles became VERY popular, as did space age clothing. In this year Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammed Ali, the first (MORE)

What rhymes with 1964?

accordion door, diplomatic corps, English civil war, exterior door, implements of war, interior door, on a higher floor, on a lower floor, prisoner of war, uranium ore
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What is the 1964 after your name?

If someone has a screenname and the number 1964 after the name, itis most likely the year they were born.