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Where is the fuel filter on a 1971 Chevy?

Remove the fuel line from the front of the carburetor by using a 5/8" wrench on the line fitting and a 1" wrench on the carburetor nut. Next remove the 1" nut from carburetor. (MORE)

What is the value of a 1971 Kenyan shilling?

A 1971 Kenyan Shilling is worth approximately 11 cents in the  United States. It is made of a blend of copper and nickel.
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1971 half dollar value?

The coin is still in circulation today, has no silver and is face value only
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What country split from Pakistan in 1971?

Pakistan got split in 1971 and a new country with the name "Bangladesh" came into being which was formerly known as Eastern Pakistan.
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Why did Bangladesh separate from Pakistan in 1971?

West Pakistan was discriminating against Bangladesh (East Pakistan  back then) in every way possible. Moreover, when Sheikh Mujibur  Rahman won the election, some top person (MORE)
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What is 1971 in romannumerals?

Under today's rules now governing the Roman numeral system 1971 is now considered to be MCMLXXI in Roman numerals.
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