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Who was the president in 1972?

This depends on the country. Either reask your question specifying the region/country, or see related questions. US: Richard Milhous Nixon. Richard Nixon was the 37th P (MORE)

Singers of 1972?

don mclean al green nilsson neil young roberta flack Sammy Davis, jr. neil diamond bill withers Gilbert o'Sullivan mac Davis Michael Jackson chuck berry (MORE)

Who was elected in 1972?

Nixon won re-election; but had to resign during the Watergate Scandal before completing his second term. Vice President Ford replaced him.

What are the clothes in 1972?

you can search "1972" fashion on google images if you want pictures. 1972 clothes were things like bell-bottom jeans and i guess you could say clothes with a bt of a british l (MORE)

What did ABBA do in 1972?

1972 was a formative year for the band ABBA. They released several songs as a foursome, not just the two guys, who were and still are the creative force behind the group's suc (MORE)