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What happened in 1975?

The main event in 1975 were the convictions and sentencing of those involved in the 1973 Watergate Scandal Cover-up took place. The information below is detailed where I dee (MORE)

What was the fashion in 1975?

The year 1975 was a controversial one for the fashion industry. European designers showed the layered "overdressed" look, the "Big Dress," the long narrow lean look, and the O (MORE)

What rhymes with 1975?

nineteen seventy five first break in syllables nine-teen sev-en-ties - five then you look for rhymes word nine with divine - spine- line- fine- teen with mean - seen - bee (MORE)
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What was going on in 1975?

The most famous event that took place in 1975 was the fall of South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to the Communists. The USA gave up and let the inevitable happen.

Did they have internet in 1975?

The beginnings of the internet started with the US Department of Defense in the late 60's and early 70's. They used what was called ARPANET for internetworking. ARPANET was de (MORE)