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What happened in 1978?

The serial killer David Berkowitz was sentenced to life in prison  in 1978. Also in that year, the first Susan B. Anthony dollar was  made.
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What were gas prices in 1978?

I paid .59 cents a gallon for regular unleaded in FL back in July 1978!
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1978 silver dollar value?

No Eisenhower dollar coins (1971-1978) regardless of date or mintmark struck for circulation contain silver and have only face value.
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What is the value of a 1978 quarter?

25 cents- you should be able to find plenty of them in circulation. Over 800 million were struck.   In circulated condition, about 25 cents. In MS-65 (very strong uncircu (MORE)
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Who won Oscars in 1978?

Here are some of the major Academy Award winners from the year 1978: - Picture: "The Deer Hunter" - Director: Michael Cimino, "The Deer Hunter" - Actor: Jon Voight, "Coming H (MORE)

What type of fuel for 1978 Corvette?

I use 93 Octane/Premium in mine & I get about 15 mpg out of it. It seems to run fine with it. The individual I bought it from recommended mid-grade. The owner's manual says to (MORE)
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Canal yielded in 1978 agreement?

The Panama Canal is the canal that was yielded in 1978. The agreement that made this possible was called The Brooke Amendment. The amendment was not put in to play until 1979. (MORE)