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What is the value of the 1979 huascar coin?

This coin weighs 31.1077 grams, which is slightly over one troy ounce. It contains .925 pure Silver. So its silver value is 92.5% of the current silver vlaue per ounce. (Ex: S (MORE)

Who won the 1979 World Series?

  The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 3. Click on the '1979 World Series' link on this page to see a game by game breakdown.
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Where is the voltage regulator on a 1979 Corvette?

  Inside the alternator. It's a small, solid-state device that is integral to the alternator.
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What was the average price of gas in 1979?

In 1979, the US national average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was 90 cents - equivalent to about $2.70 per gallon in 2010.
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What was invented in 1979?

In 1979, the first portable cassette player was developed by Sony. It was created for the founded of Sony because he loved listening to music on flights between Japan and the (MORE)

Value of 1979 silver dollar?

The coin was struck at all 3 mints and is still in circulation, none contain any silver and most are just face value. The 1979 Philadelphia issue has a wide rim (near date) (MORE)

How much does a 1979 Malibu weigh?

The North American version of the 1979 Chevrolet Malibu 2-door  sports coupe with a 3.3 liter, V-6 engine has a curb weight of  3,080 pounds. When new, this car went from 0- (MORE)

Where was the Super Bowl played in 1979?

Super Bowl XIII was played at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL on January 21, 1979.   The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 35-31.
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In Malta

What happened in 1979 in Malta?

In 1979, Malta declared to the World that from henceforward, she would be completely NEUTRAL in all matters of war and that the United Nations would record...
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