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Who performs laser liposuction in Beirut?

Dr Ghazi Hajjar has the latest SmartLipo equipment that is FDA approved. He has done wonders for me. Google Dr Ghazi Hajjar to find out what people have to say about him.

What continent is Beirut Lebanon on?

Beirut, Lebanon is in the continent of Asia. :) If you look at the map using the Asian centric point of view (looking at a place from the view of Asia), it is in West Asia. (MORE)

What are barracks?

They are the buildings where soldiers live and sleep or any buildings used to house military personnel. (A building is usually referred to as 'the barracks' instead of 'a barr (MORE)

In which country is beirut located?

Beirut is in Lebanon. It is the famous capital of Lebanon. Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. It is also the largest city in Lebanon with 39 swaure miles of area and betwe (MORE)

What is the plural of barracks?

The word barracks is an uncountable noun, a plural form that functions as a singular or a plural. The noun barracks is the type of uncountable noun called an aggregate noun, a (MORE)

How big are barracks?

  it depends, the barracks i live in right now are a 12x16 foot rectangular room. to use the bathrooms and showers i have to walk down a hall and go to the community bathr (MORE)