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Which is democracy East Berlin or West Berlin?

West Berlin was democratic, controlled by West Germany. East Berlin was Communist, controlled by the Soviets and East Germany.   Just to be confusing..... East Germany was (MORE)

Why was the Berlin Airlift needed?

The Berlin Airlift was needed after WWII so that innocent German  citizens would not starve to death, and that new money could be  printed.

How old is Berlin?

1237 is generally accepted as the year of foundation, and in 1987 both parts of the then divided city celebrated the 750th anniversary of the founding of Berlin.
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Why did President Reagan bomb Libya in 1986?

Reagan ordered the bombing of Tripoli after the CIA determined that Libyan secret forces bombed a night club in West Berlin.  The bombing was the most direct action the U.S. (MORE)

Rome Berlin axis?

In the 1930s and 1940s, the term 'Rome-Berlin axis' referred to the  partnership and eventual alliance between Germany and Italy. With  both countries ruled by fascist parti (MORE)

What did the Berlin Confrence do?

The Berlin Act was an important change in international affairs. It created the rules for "effective occupation" of conquered lands, ensuring that the division of Africa would (MORE)

Did japan have atomic bombs when you bomb them?

No, they did not. They couldn't even come up with a decent RADAR  unit for their ships like the Allies had. They had no warplanes big  enough to carry the Atomic Bomb anywhe (MORE)