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What was invented in 1987?

There was a boy invented into this world. His name is Jacob Andrew Maringola. The following was also invented: Koosh ball disposable contact lenses first 3d video game
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What happened in 1987?

On January 7th 1987 a baby boy was born. That baby boy was born in Meriden, Connecticut. His name was Jacob Andrew Maringola.
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Why was there no depression in 1987?

Well maybe there wasn't absolutely NO depression but certainly not alot of it. Around the 60's to the 90's is looked back on as the happy years, Technology hadn't quite reache (MORE)

Who was the prophet in 1987?

There was no Prophet, the last Prophet that had (and still has) a sizable following and revealed book from God was the Prophet Mohammad between 1400-1500 years ago. The religi (MORE)
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When was mahashivarathri in 1987?

The Mahashivarathri festival was held March the twenty fifth 1987. This festival was a popular legend of Shivaratri where you stay away all night while chanting the name of th (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in 1987 NFL Draft - 1987?

The cast of 1987 NFL Draft - 1987 includes: John Adickes as Himself - 154th Overall Pick Robert Awalt as Himself - 62nd Overall Pick Jerry Ball as Himself - 63rd Overall Pick (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Brit Awards 1987 - 1987?

The cast of Brit Awards 1987 - 1987 includes: Kate Bush as Herself - Winner: Best British Female Eric Clapton as Himself - Winner: Outstanding Contribution Peter Gabriel as Hi (MORE)