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1988 us olympic baseball team roster?

Jim Abbott   Bret Barberie   Andy Benes   Jeff Branson   Mitchell Fiore   Tom Goodwin   Tyrone Griffin   Tino Martinez   William Masse   Be (MORE)

Where is the fuse box in the 1988 Corvette?

It's on the passenger side on the side of the dash. Open the passenger door and you will see the plastic cover with a plastic knob that you will need to to to the left to open (MORE)

Where is the fuse box on a 1988 Corvette?

  The fuse box is on the side of the dash on the passenger side of the car. remove the cover plate and you will find your fuses.
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Where is 1988 300zx oxygen sensor?

on my 1986 turbo, it was just past the firewall on the drivers side. if you follow the exhaust back from the engine you will find it. 2 wires looks kinda like a spark plug. o' (MORE)

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 4Runner?

the fuel filter on all fuel injected trucks and 4runners(1985-1996) with a 22re engine is located under the intake manifold,bolted on the engine block, just forward/above the (MORE)

What was the population of US in 1988?

The United States population in July of 1988 was 244.50 million. In  November of 2013 the population was 316.99 million.
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What is the value of a 1988 score cal ripken jr baseball card - number 550?

1988 Score Cal Ripken Jr. card number 550   A 1988 Score Cal Ripken Jr. card number 550 has a book value of about .75 cents in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally g (MORE)