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Where is the fuse box in the 1988 Corvette?

It's on the passenger side on the side of the dash. Open the passenger door and you will see the plastic cover with a plastic knob that you will need to to to the left to open (MORE)
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Who approved the sport rugby to be a sport?

The Rugby Football Union was created when a group of clubs decided they did not want to be part of the Football Association (UK) These clubs formed their own UNION and allowed (MORE)

Which sport is not an Olympic sport?

Baseball and softball both aren't Olympic Sports, but ever since  the year 1904's Summer Olympic Games, Golf hasn't been seen in any  Olympic game. However, Golf will be bro (MORE)

Where is 1988 300zx oxygen sensor?

on my 1986 turbo, it was just past the firewall on the drivers side. if you follow the exhaust back from the engine you will find it. 2 wires looks kinda like a spark plug. o' (MORE)

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What sports is called the sport of king?

The long time "sport of kings" is thoroughbred horseracing. Other sports have attempted to co-opt this title, with the only success being that they created misinformation. P (MORE)

What sports are in Wii Sports Resort?

Swordplay (Duel, Speed Slice, Showdown) Wakeboarding Frisbee (Frisbee Dog, Frisbee Golf) Archery Basketball (3-Point Contest, Pickup Game) Table Tennis (Match, Retur (MORE)

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 4Runner?

the fuel filter on all fuel injected trucks and 4runners(1985-1996) with a 22re engine is located under the intake manifold,bolted on the engine block, just forward/above the (MORE)

Fuel lines 1988 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0?

there are two fuel lines, one in and one out. the in runs from the front of the fuel rail to a filter under the driver's side , and to the fuel pump in the tank. the return fu (MORE)