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What happened in 1990?

Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Lithuania wanted to break away from the soviet Union, Gorbachevsent tank to Vilnius; Est Germans held their first free elections since ( Full Answer )
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Who was the president in 1990?

This depends on the organization/country. See Related Questions. The president for the United States in 1990 was George H. W. Bush (41).
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Inventions of the 1990s?

There have been many inventions in the 1990's but the most important one in the world wide web. The internet was invented in 1989 but made public the year later.
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Who was the doctor in 1990?

Doctor Who wasn't on the air in 1990. It went into hiatus in 1989 with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor at the time. During the 1990s the only Doctor was Paul McGann in a 1996 te ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell out 1990?

The numeral 1990 is spelled out "one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine." The YEAR 1990 would normally not be written out, but is spoken as "nineteen ninety".
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What did not happen in the 1990s?

World War II, the moon-landing, the rule of Genghis Khan, and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Actually, most of history, funnily enough.
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What is a 1990?

There was a year called 1990, which was 22 years ago as I type (in the year 2012). Various products are identified by their year of manufacture, such as a 1990 Ford, etc.
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What is correct on 1990 or in 1990?

If you are talking about a year, it would be in 1990. If you weretalking about what score a person had in a competition, you couldsay that they were on 1990. So it depends on ( Full Answer )
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What was the style of the 1990s?

The style of the 1990s was mostly colorful shirts like tie dye and anything related to the hip-hop culture. Big hair and large bangs was also a very common hair style to go al ( Full Answer )
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What is Roman 1990?

Nowadays it is officially MCMXC but in ancient Rome it probably was simply XMM (2000-10)