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What motor does a 1990 Chevy z71 have?

1990 Chevy 1/2 tons were available with a 4.3L V6, 5.0 V8, 5.7 V8, 7.4 V8, and a 6.2 diesel. Pretty sure the Z71's could have any of those engines.  the Z71's have a 5.7 350 (MORE)

How do you spell out 1990?

The numeral 1990 is spelled out "one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine." The YEAR 1990 would normally not be written out, but is spoken as "nineteen ninety".
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Who was the president in 1990?

This depends on the organization/country. See Related Questions. The president for the United States in 1990 was George H. W. Bush (41).
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What year is 1990 in Muslim calendar?

The Islamic Calendar does not perfectly match up with the Gregorian Calendar. From January to July 23rd belong to year 1410 and July 24th to December belongs to year 1411.
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What is the remainder when 2 rest to 1990 divided by 1990?

4. Find the remainder when 21990 is divided by 1990. Solution: Let N = 21990 Here, 1990 can be written as the product of two co-prime factors as 199 and 10. Let R1 (MORE)

1990 silver dollar?

If you mean a American Silver Eagle 1 ounce bullion coin. The value is tied to the spot price of silver at the time of sale. As of 5-26-12 it's $28.53 per ounce. This price is (MORE)