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Who was the president in 1994?

This depends on the country\organization: See related questions. The 42nd President of the United States was William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton from January 20, 1993 to Jan (MORE)
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Toys of 1994?

Some of the toys that appeared in 1994 would have came from MightyMorphin Power Rangers some of the Power Rangers items that would'vebeen released in '94 would've been action (MORE)

What was happening in 1994?

Things that were happening in 1994 were Tonya Harding attackedrival ice skater Nancy Kerrigan and lost her national figureskating championship title. Nelson Mandella became Pr (MORE)

What was in style in 1994?

In 1994 grunge music from Seattle was a popular genre of music. Thefashion attached to this music involved clothing such as flannelshirts.

Songs in 1994?

Top 5 that year were The Sign, I swear, Breathe Again, The Power of Love, and Stay (I missed you).

What is the horoscope of 1994?

1st January to 9th February you are in the last of the year of the Rooster. From 10th February to 31st December is the year of the Dog.
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What rhymes with 1994?

I walked along a fine sea shore, way back when in ninety four. I went into a fine tea store, the year was nineteen ninety four.