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1995 Cadillac alternator overcharging?

  Answer   Voltage regulator built into the Altinator is bad. Replace voltage reg or whole altinator
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Replacing thermostat in 1995 Camaro?

  remove air intake duct. remove the thermostat housing bolts. lift the housing and then remove the thermostatt. if a gasket was used, remove all traces of the old one. mo (MORE)

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Can you put a 1995 LT1 in a 1995 Chevy silverado?

A 1995 LT1 engine can be put into a 1995 Chevy Silverado with  minimal changes. This will increase the overall power and  performance of the vehicle.
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Events of 1995?

Mike Tyson's first fights since leaving prison Manny Pacquiao turned professional @ Jr Flyweight aged 16. Evander Holyfield losed to Riddick Bowe for the second time in their (MORE)

Invention of 1995?

There were many inventions in the year 1995. The DVD player and the  digital camera were two of the most popular inventions of the year.