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Inventions in 1995?

In 1994, a DNA microchip was invented where DNA is used to do thecomputing in the chip. Other inventions were the Segway and aspecial kind of laser, called the Quantum cascade (MORE)

Sports in 1995?

Due to a lock out the NHL played a shortened season that consisted of just 48 regular season games. The Detroit Red Wings and the Quebec Nordiques won their respective confere (MORE)

Events of 1995?

Mike Tyson's first fights since leaving prison Manny Pacquiao turned professional @ Jr Flyweight aged 16. Evander Holyfield losed to Riddick Bowe for the second time in their (MORE)
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When was Easter in 1995?

In the year of 1995, Easter Sunday took place on the 16th of April. Easter was on the same date in 2006, and will be again in 2017.
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What was going on in 1995?

In 1995 it was the first time 13 people in space. Also it was the year President Nazarbajev dis-bands Kazakhstan parliament. This was the time when Julia Roberts & Julia Rober (MORE)

What did Humer do in 1995?

Roche Holding and as the head of its pharmaceuticals division. In 1998 he assumed the role of Roche's CEO. In the late 1990s, a time when several other pharmaceutical companie (MORE)