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Who was the president in 1996?

This depends on the country\organization: See related questions. William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (born August 19, 1946 inHope, Arkansas) was the 42nd President of the Unit (MORE)
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Why was I born in 1996?

Because your parents had sex and conceived you. Then nine months later you were born at since this date was still in the year of 1996, that was the year you were born in.

Who was gay 1996?

Well, I assume you mean who was gay and out at the time. So Melissa etheridge, Elton John, Billie Joe Armstrong [of Green Day] came out as bi,

Is there a 1996 wrangler?

No, the last year of the YJ before the TJ came out in 97, but the TJ's were introduced in the spring of 96 and were 97 models. These Wranglers sold in early 1996 were sold a (MORE)