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What was the fashion in 1997?

For the less daring experimental youngsters Henna tattoos were a god-send. They could pretend to their heart's content that the little butterfly on the shoulder blade or the C (MORE)

What happen on 1997?

1997 Gas was $1.22 a gallon in the US and 2 Pounds 70 pence in the UK , Great Britain handed back Hong Kong to China and the Dow was at less than 8000 . The first signs of t (MORE)
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What were the fashions of 1997?

birthday suits!!! come on granny my great granny could do better than that!! THERE YOU GO ALL YOU NEEDED WAS A PEP TALK IM SO PROUD OF YOU GRANNY!!!

Who was the president in 1997?

This depends on the country\organization: See related questions. William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (born August 19, 1946 inHope, Arkansas) was the 42nd President of the Unit (MORE)

What was the trends of 1997?

for almost the entire 90's era the trends were baggy clothing, anything with neon colors, crazy designs like zig zags and stars, spandex, tennis shoes for girls, big sneakers (MORE)

What was in style in 1997?

There was no style in 1997. People ran around naked for the most part, and occasionally wore dark cowboy hats (but not light ones). In academic circles it is called " annu (MORE)