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What inspired Beatles songs?

Nature inspired George Harrison's;   Life's beauty and simplicity, yet underlying features inspired Ringo;   John and Paul... that's complicated. It depends on what song (MORE)

Who inspired Christina Aguilera with the song 'Beautiful'?

Linda Perry wrote 'Beautiful' when she was feeling a little sad. A few days later, Christina went over to her house and was feeling a little upset, so she asked Linda to play (MORE)

What inspired the song Almaz by Randy Crawford?

Crawford told The Daily Telegraph October 27, 2008 about the  inspiration for this ballad. Said Crawford: "These Eritrean  refugees knocked on my door. It turned out they ha (MORE)

How did the Beatles find inspiration to write songs?

Like most songwriters, the Beatles were mainly inspired by the things around them. Occasionally, Lennon and McCartney both had to write "to order" to have enough songs for a p (MORE)

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