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Why is World Youth Day important?

World Youth Day is important for any number of reasons. Above all, it is an occasion for grace, for young people to come together as Christians, and confess their sins, and at (MORE)

Where is world christian youths assembly?

World Christian Youths Assembly is based in Australia. I have visited their office at Jukes Road. What I don't know about them is other offices. Authorities in multiple countr (MORE)

Why is World Youth Day celebrated?

  The reason why we celebrate world youth day is because it is a time where all the Catholic youth can come together and celebrate Christ together as one.
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How do you enter the championship Digimon World Championship?

You need to win the preliminaries which are held on the fifth of autumn if I recall correctly, by selecting championship on that day. You can know exactly when by checking on (MORE)

Who was the first athlete to win a championship in gymnastics?

  Answer     Women's Program: Women Kick-off Fall Competitive Season   Carly Janiga, Marcia Newby and Liz Tricase started the fall competitive season off wit (MORE)
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What athlete has won the most championships?

Bill Russell won 11 championships as a Basketball player. Kelly Slater 10 time world champion of surfing, (youngest champ and oldest champ ever in surfing). Yogi Berra won 10 (MORE)