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If you did not vote in the primary elections can you still vote in the Presidential elections?

Yes. Absolutely, but make sure you are properly registered and come to your assigned polling place. You never lose you right to vote just because you fail to vote, but if you (MORE)

Can I vote in presidential election if I did not vote in Montana primary election?

Yes, as long as you are a registered to voter, you can vote in the presidential election, even if you did not vote in the primary election. If you have not registered to vote (MORE)

If you did not vote in the 2004 presidential election do you have to register again to vote in the 2008 presidential election?

no, you do not have to register to vote. In most states you have to register where you live and do it some fixed time before the election. As long as you do not move out of (MORE)

How did New York vote for the presidential elections?

New York has a mixed record. The 1960 election was won by JFK. The 1964 election was won by LBJ. The 1968 election was won by Hubert Humphrey. The 1972 election was won by Ric (MORE)

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