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What is the value of a 2006 buffalo nickel?

Please check your coin again. All 2006 nickels show a picture of  Monticello on the back.    "Bison" nickels were minted in 2005. If that's what you  have, it's only (MORE)

What is the value of a 2006 liberty dime?

ALL American dimes have the word LIBERTY on them so that's not a distinguishing feature. Dimes dated 1946 and later are normally called Roosevelt dimes because they show a pic (MORE)

What is baseball?

Baseball is a game where a pitcher throws the ball over the home  plate and between the batter's knees to their lower chest. If the  ball is not of those rules, the pitch is (MORE)

Where is the battery of a 2006 touareg Volkswagen?

Type your answer here... the battery for the volkswagen touareg is under the driver's seat
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What important events happend in 2006?

The year, 200t, saw many important events. Among them, a record  snow-fall of 26.9 inches fell in New York City on February 12. On  February 16, the last Mobile Army Surgica (MORE)

What is the average income for a family in 2006?

New Jursey New Jersey | 64,169 / Maryland | 62,372 / Hawaii | 60,681 / New Hampshire | 60,489 / Connecticut | 59,972 / Alaska | 57,639 / Minnesota | 57,363 / Massachusetts | (MORE)