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Who won the 2008 election?

  Barack Obama has officially won the U.S. presidential election. He led in electoral votes with 338. McCain's votes are estimated between 155 and 160 at this point.Bara (MORE)
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When will 2008 calendar repeat?

The year 2008 will repeat again in 2036, as 2008 was a leap year.  During the 21st century it will repeat again in 2064 and again in  2092.
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Where is oil filter 2008 cobalt?

  Once you pull the oil fill cap off you can pull off the big plastic cover that sits over the engine. It isn't bolted down, so all you have to do is lift up on it and it (MORE)

When was Easter in 2008?

Easter Sunday fells on 23 March 2008 for the Western Christians (Catholics, Protestants). For the Eastern Orthodox Christians, Easter Sunday was on 27 April 2008.
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What is baseball?

Baseball is a game where a pitcher throws the ball over the home  plate and between the batter's knees to their lower chest. If the  ball is not of those rules, the pitch is (MORE)

Why is Easter 2008 in March not April?

    Western Easter is in March, but Orthodox Easter is in April this year (2008).     The Easter date is determined by four main factors. The first two have bee (MORE)

What number is this 2008 Summer Olympics?

  The modern Summer Olympic Games was started in 1896. There have been 28 Summer Olympic Games held. The modern Winter Olympic Games were started in 1924. There have been (MORE)

Who won the 2008 winter Olympics?

there was no 2008 winter Olympics. There was a 2008 SUMMER Olympics but not winter. There were a bunch of different people that won different medals in different sports in the (MORE)

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Toby Hall playing at catcher for the Chicago White Sox in 2008?

Toby Hall played in 37 games at catcher for the Chicago White Sox in 2008, starting in 36 of them. He played for a total of 946 outs, equivalent to 35.04 9-inning games. He (MORE)