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When was Hanukkah in 2009?

The first day of Hanukkah in 2009 was on Saturday, December 12, meaning the first candle to be lit was on Friday night, December 11. The holiday runs 8 days; it ended on (MORE)
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Who was the president in 2009?

This depends on the country. See related questions for more details. In the US in 2009, the president was George W. Bush, replaced by Barack Obama.
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When are the 2009 bionicles out?

The spring 2009 sets are already out everywhere, however the summer sets have yet to be released.
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Where can you get 2009 glasses?

I know some guys get eyewear from Vision Direct, they have 2009 collections of bunch of designers, and dont price highly.
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When is Purim 2009?

Purim 2009 is Tuesday, March 10, in almost every place in the world. Jerusalem celebrates Purim one day later.
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What is in for spring 2009?

Coral pastel colours, Retro ruffles, 90's neon, bib-like necklaces, bohemian prints, roomy relax-fit pants, oversized earings, mix and match patterns, animal print, satin jump (MORE)
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When was Ramadan in 2009?

Ramadan in 2009 started on Friday, August 21 and ended on September 19. Due to the differences in moon sightings, Ramadan started on Saturday, August 22 in North America.
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Where was the 2009 Olympics?

Actually, there were no 2009 Olympics. Olympic games are held every 2 years. The same type of Olympic games are held every four years. 2000 had Summer Olympics, 2002 had Winte (MORE)
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Where was survivor 2009?

There were two seasons of Survivor that took place in 2009. The first was in Tocantins which is in Brazil and the second was in Samoa which is an island in the South Pacific.