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How many died in the battle of Aquila creek?

Well first of all it is the battle of *Aquia Creek. There were no  casualties for either side. There is estimated to be about 9  wounded on the Confederate side, and 1 wound (MORE)

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How many earthquakes in 2009?

There have been thousands of earthquakes so far in 2009. The exact amount depends on your cutoff as to their magnitude. To be practical, you should try to limit that to the ma (MORE)

Why did Aquila in the New Testament drop dead?

Aquila did not 'drop dead', atleast during the time period the Bible covers. He and his wife Priscilla (Prisca) were friends of Paul, and faithful Christian ministers for many (MORE)
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Between what months is Aquila visible?

Aquila is the constellation of stars that represent the eagle. It is best visible in the northern hemisphere. It is most easily seen during the late spring and early summer. (MORE)