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What was the last year of the 20th century?

There was no year designated as 'year zero'. Since a century is 100full years, the first century went from the full year 'one' all theway through the full year 'one hundred'. (MORE)

Who was the Queen of England in the 20th century?

Well there have been 5 Queens of the Untied Kingdom in the 20th century, 2 have been queens regnant(Monarchs in their own right) and 3 have been queens consort(the wives of Ki (MORE)

Important events of the 20th century?

new technologies like the car, radio, tv, internet add more conectivness to society. Major wars seem to end with World War II as the Cold War was just a showing of strength be (MORE)

What were artistic developments in the 20th century?

New materials were introduced to art in the 20th century, but  mainstays like oil-on-canvas and sculpture continued to be used.  "Traditional" materials were greatly expande (MORE)

What are the greatest inventions in 20th century?

The era between 1901-2000, better known as the 20th century, witnessed the birth of some remarkable creations. Right from electronic gadgets, automobiles, to articles of every (MORE)

The effects of the 19th century on the 20th century?

In respect to Germany in the World War II era and the 20th century  more largely, the effects of the 19th century were profound. Just  one example out of many can demonstrat (MORE)