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In Avatar The Last Airbender

When will avatar 314 air in Alberta?

i dont know if it has aired there, but you can watch it on
In Math and Arithmetic

What is the sqaure root of 314?

314 is not a perfect square, but the square root is equal to approximately 17.720
In Scribblenauts

How do you get 314 ollars in Scribblenauts?

You can just repeat an old level (or do a new one). You can also(if you have an action replay) use the code for getting 314 ollars in scribblenauts.
In Math and Arithmetic

How many inches is 314 mm?

1in = 2.54cm 1cm = 10mm 314 mm x 1 cm /10 mm x 1in/2.54 cm = 12.4in (rounded)
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What is 5 divided by 314?

Try dividing 500/314 and replace the proper decimal point. 5/314 = 0.0159 ===( not all places, but enough places )
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What does 314 mean on the Ouija board?

314 is a time. At 314 am it's suppose to witches hour. It is "easier" for the spirits to be freed from the board.